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The Digital Chart of the World (DCW) is a comprehensive 1:1,000,000 vector basemap of the world, consisting of geographic, attribute, and textual data. The primary source for the database is the DMA Operational Navigation Chart (ONC). Several layers and many tiles covering China have been extracted from DCW for this version (here is a sample map from this dataset).

DCW China Set consists of six layers: roads, railroads, drainage system, populated places, urbanized areas, and contours. There are two sub-sets of layers: DCW_CHN covers China (including Taiwan) only; DCW_PLUS covers a much larger area (latitude between 10 degrees north and 60 degrees north; longitude from 70 degrees east to 140 degrees east). In terms of their contents, the two sub-sets differ only in the urbanized areas layer. With DCW_CHN, the urbanized areas layer has attribute TYPE while in DCW_PLUS there is no such attribute. In addition, a few very small urbanized areas were deleted from DCW_PLUS.

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