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Except for Tianjin, all data for the year 1990 are from the annual Statistics Yearbooks of provinces (municipalities) published in 1991 (the 1991 yearbooks). These were compiled by the Statistical Bureaus of the relevant provinces (municipalities) and publishedby China Statistics Publishers. The data for Tianjin for 1990 were taken from its 1992 yearbooks, also compiled by the Statistical Bureaus of Tianjin and published in 1992 by China Statistics Publishers. The selected volumes from which the county-level data were taken in each yearbook are given in a source listing.

Acknowledgements. These data were coded and entered by Huibin Cai under the supervision of Professor Robert Dernberger at the University of Michigan. The datasets were merged by Alana Boland and Gu Ning at CITAS at the University of Washington.

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